Outdoor Fall Photoshoot Locations in Arlington, Texas

Fall is here! That means cooler temperatures and colorful leaves. Family photos are a great way to enjoy what the season has to offer. With plenty Arlington photoshoot locations, you don’t have to look far to find a stunning backdrop. These Instagrammable locations are perfect for your next photo shoot.

River Legacy Park

Bridge at River Legacy. Photo Credit: City of Arlington

River Legacy Park is the crowning jewel of the Arlington parks system. Families can be seen at the park every day enjoying the sun, going for walks, riding bikes, flying kites and so much more. The park itself is very well maintained and allows most of the space to be taken up by nature, undisturbed and undamaged. Come out to River Legacy with a friend or two and snap some great nature photos at this huge 1,300 acre park.

The Sanford House

Sanford House. Photo Credit: Salvador Ontiveros

The Sanford House is an interesting part of Downtown Arlington, combining an inn, a spa, an event space, and a restaurant into an all-in-one package. The boutique hotel spans 2 acres and includes plenty of beautiful landscaping to enjoy. The Sanford House should definitely be on your list of spots to check out in the Downtown Arlington area if it isn’t already.

Lake Viridian

Lake Viridian amenities. Photo Credit: Salvador Ontiveros

The centerpiece of the Elements at Viridian residential area, Lake Viridian, is a little-known vista located just north of I-30. The Viridian is primarily a 55+ resident community home to amenities like tennis courts, gardens, community pools and more. The lake itself is sailing and fishing friendly and features a walkable path around its perimeter.

Village Creek Historical Area

Village Creek walking/bike trail. Photo Credit: Salvador Ontiveros

Village Creek Historical Area is complete with a beautiful pavement walking/biking trail, plenty of nature, and local wildlife. Further down the trail the park opens up into a large area with local wildflowers and a small creek. Village Creek offers plenty of great backgrounds for an outdoor photo-op with the family.

Downtown Arlington

Levitt Pavilion concert. Photo Credit: City of Arlington

Downtown Arlington is the centerpiece of the city, and for good reason. Decorative murals can be seen everywhere you turn, interesting businesses offer unique experiences, and a newly walkable Abram St makes it all easily accessible to casual or professional photographers. The classic, small-town feel of Downtown Arlington is one of its greatest charms and invites anyone to come and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Veteran’s Park

Memorial statue at Veteran’s Park. Photo Credit: City of Arlington

This 103 acre park includes a mile long hike/bike trail, a pond, xeriscape gardens, public art, and other natural areas. The trail offers great views of nature, canopied by tall green trees, and provides benches to relax and take in the fresh air. Come out to Veterans Park on a clear fall day for a chance to take some great photos.

Richard W. Simpson Park (Lake Arlington)

Sun setting over Lake Arlington. Photo Credit: City of Arlington

Lake Arlington is open all-yearlong but looks especially nice on a cool fall evening. Whether you’re feeding ducks, taking a boat out onto the lake, or simply taking photos by the lakeshore, Lake Arlington is plenty of fun and is one of the most beautiful vistas the city has to offer. Come out with the family for a picnic, a jog, or just sit and watch the sunset with a camera in hand.

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