Arlington Issues Boil Water Notice

UPDATE: City of Arlington announces precautionary boil water alert is lifted Sat, Feb 20, 10:07 AM.

Due to unprecedented demand and a possible major water main break, some Arlington Water Utilities customers may be without water service. For those with water, pressure may be reduced and tap water must be boiled prior to consumption.

This order advises all customers to boil their water prior to consumption (e.g., washing hands/face, brushing teeth, drinking, etc). Children, seniors, and persons with weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable to harmful bacteria, and all customers should follow these directions.

Arlington Water Utilities is working to restore water pressure in the distribution system.

To ensure destruction of all harmful bacteria and other microbes, water for drinking, cooking, and ice making should be consumed with boiling or otherwise treating. Follow the guidelines below for ensuring your water is safe for consumption:

-Boil water to a vigorous rolling boil for five minutes then cool completely prior to using.

-Purchase bottled water may be used in lieu of boiling.

Early Wednesday morning, the City of Arlington asked residents to limit water usage to only essential purposes. Community and social media rumors about tap water availability caused some residents to unnecessarily fill bathtubs and buckets to have water on hand.

The unprecedented demand strained the water distribution system over the past 24 hours causing a drop in pressure. The Texas Commission on  Environmental Quality requires that a boil water notice be issued because of a recent pressure drop in the distribution system for the City Arlington.

When it is no longer necessary to boil the water, the public water system officials will notify customers that the water is safe for drinking water or human consumption purposes.

Once the boil water notice is no longer in effect, the public water system will issue a notice to customers that rescinds the boil water notice in a manner similar to this notice.

Periodic updates will be provided by the city as the situation changes. Residents with questions are told to contact Arlington Water Utilities at 817-275-5931.

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