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Winter Storm Cleanup: Free Tool Sharing Program

Residents across Texas are dealing with the aftermath from the unexpected cold snap that left thousands without power and water for days. Despite warmer temperatures and restoration of power, several Arlington homeowners are left with property damage from this extreme winter storm.

Subfreezing temperatures caused pipes to freeze and burst. When the pipes burst, water floods homes causing significant damage. 

Arlington Water Utilities has worked diligently throughout the week to conduct emergency water shut-offs for homes and businesses experiencing water line breaks to meet the community’s increased weather-related demand. Normal water pressure was not fully restored until Friday morning.

In addition to damaged plumbing, some property owners have sustained structural damage, fallen tree limbs, and more.

At the beginning of February, the city of Arlington announced a new Tool Sharing Program that offers Arlington residents a variety of tools and equipment to check-out free of charge to assist with property cleanup and home improvement.

Chances are, homeowners may not have the tools needed to clean up and repair damages resulting from this unprecedented winter storm. As Arlington residents take on cleanup efforts to repair weather-related damages, this program is available to help. 

The Tool Sharing Program provides Arlington residents with the variety of tools and equipment necessary for home repairment such as drills sets and pressure washers. 

Arlington residents can check out up to four items per category at a time. The categories available are: Mowing & Yard Maintenance, Tree & Shrub Trimming, Household & Fence Repair, Pressure Washing, Painting, and Litter Clean Up. 

Tool and equipment checkout comes at no cost to residents and is delivered and returned by the city’s mobile tool trailer directly to your residence.

“Not everyone has a vehicle large enough to transport a lawn mower or power washer, or the funds to purchase/rent these items. The best part is being able to reserve the equipment, know it will be delivered and picked up without having to leave the house,” said Linda Finley, resident of Fish Creek community. 

To borrow, complete the tool sharing program request form or call the Action Center at 817-459-6777. Homeowners must provide the proof of Arlington residence and identification. The proof of Arlington residence may be water or other current utility bills. Proof of identification may be driver license, passport, or other government-issued document. 

Homeowners may choose tools that fit their needs and continue using these tools for 3 calendar days. The Tool Sharing Program will come back to pick up the tools at the end of the reservation. 
To learn more about the program visit

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