Recreation Center Construction at Webb Community Park – The Beacon

As COVID-19 continues to loom over our heads, the days of self-quarantine drag on. Now, just about every Arlington resident is itching for the chance to finally head back outside, take a big breath of fresh air, and get back to enjoying all the wonderful things that the City of Arlington has to offer.

Getting back to the city’s Entertainment District and its world class sports teams and events is going to be more than refreshing this year. And in a few months, there will be even more fun to be had!

Beacon Recreation Center Activities

Approved by voters back in 2014, the construction of the brand new recreation center named The Beacon is set to finish this year. This 35,000-square-foot facility will offer first-class fitness and fun for the people of Arlington. For all outdoor, sporting and fitness activities (from classes to splash pads), there will be something for you at The Beacon.

The two-story building features a lighted atrium (which is what gives the facility its name). Good looks aren’t everything The Beacon has to offer, however. This recreation center will be full of amenities and activities to enjoy both inside and out.

  • Grab some friends and pick up a game of volleyball, basketball, and even pickle ball on the dedicated courts.
  • A weight room, an indoor track, and an aerobics space will all offer great opportunities to focus on your health and fitness, rain or shine.
  • When there is more rain than shine to enjoy, another aerobics space and a splash pad will be available to use outside as well.

The Beacon Recreation Center will be located at the Webb Community Park at 1100 Mansfield Webb Road. The new public skate park is already open for residents of all ages. As soon as the recreation center is fully up and running, make sure to drop by and take a look at everything the facility will have to offer!

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