Republic Services Supports Employees and Local Businesses

During these first few month of the new year, essential workers have abundantly lived up to the title “essential.” They have kept the whole nation functioning despite the precarious conditions of the crisis we’re living. Regular recognition and appreciation for these essential workers is more than deserved.

The City of Arlington also wants residents to know what services are currently running and available.

Arlington trash and recycling collection

Trash and recycling collection crews are one example of workers that have been amply putting in the hours despite the risky situation. They work every day to ensure sanitation and cleanliness remains a priority across the city, especially now. Republic Services, for one, has been showing fantastic support for its own workers as well as to other Arlington businesses.

For instance, to support its employees, Republic Services has been purchasing meals for its employees as well as for their families every week. This supports both the workers and the small businesses of Arlington. Local businesses getting this business from Republic Services include Marquez Bakery, Tipsy Oak, Fred’s Philly Cheesesteaks, and others.

Front-line workers began receiving $100 gift cards every other week, too, with the encouragement to spend at and support these small, local restaurants.

Arlington is The American Dream City. With that, hard work and entrepreneurship flow through the blood of our residents and through the streets of our city. As the situation makes it difficult to keep morale high for essential workers (and difficult for small businesses to push through), supporting our fellow residents and believing in the American Dream is something that we can all do with a story like this one.

Make sure to visit Arlington’s COVID-19 website,, to stay posted on additional updates. You can find lists of local restaurants that are still offering take out, delivery, and curbside pick orders there, too.

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