My Bucket List of Arlington Spots to Check Out

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably itching to go to new places around town – or just any place outside!

While studying at the University of Texas at Arlington since 2018 I have not been to many places around Arlington. Especially some of the big and popular spots that everyone raves about. I would say that going to new places is one of my favorite things to do actually. As Fort Worth is my hometown, I have been to quite a few cool, interesting restaurants and entertainment spots and even in other cities like Dallas as well. Going to a new place is fun, especially when it’s a place that not many people know about.

So why haven’t I explored much of Arlington yet? No idea. I blame it on schoolwork. Therefore, I am going to create a list of places I’m most excited to go to and it will look a little like this:

The Grease Monkey

Photo by fcochran

I’m a concert fanatic and the last concert I went to was Ed Sheeran in 2018 at the AT&T Stadium. As great as it is seeing a popular artist in a big venue, I like seeing up and coming artists in small settings just as much. Both are different experiences and I would definitely like to see more of how the atmosphere is in Arlington. Although I have gone to concerts in different environments, I have not experienced a concert in a bar setting. I’m not much of a drinker but it would be nice to enjoy a concert while sipping a margarita, eating some food, and chatting with friends. I was keeping an eye out for a good concert to go to before the coronavirus hit and The Grease Monkey seems like a good spot to check out in the near future.



Photo by Experience Hanoi Vietnam

If you’ve never had the pleasure of trying boba, it is a fun drink made with tapioca pearls and any beverage of choice whether it be tea or milk based. Before COVID-19, I was wanting to go try Sharetea. I have tried a place or two around Arlington, but I have high expectations for boba so I was a bit disappointed to say the least. I found out there was a Sharetea near UTA and I was looking forward to trying it. Judging by the reviews online, it’s one of the more popular boba spots in town, so I will be waiting for a good time to go.

River Legacy Park

Photo by Ariel

I have had more of an interest to go out in nature these days. Maybe it’s from the lack of going outside, who knows. I have driven by the park and have known about it, but I never did get myself to go. Just by looking at the pictures people post to Instagram, it looks to be like a big park with nice scenery. I would particularly like to go take a walk on the trails on a nice, sunny day or sit near the lake watching the sun set. Ah, sounds like a great time already. 

Prince Lebanese Grill

Photo by Prince Lebanese Grill

As a foodie, I enjoy trying new food and discovering new restaurants. I have tried a variety of cuisines including Thai and Indian. I have gone to some places in Arlington that are good but it’s always fun to try more. Apart from hummus, I am not very familiar with Middle Eastern food. Prince Lebanese Grill seems like a good restaurant to start. Specifically, I have wanted to try falafels for a while now. Other food on their menu that I would like to try is dolmas and babaganoush.

Salter Bros Coffee Roasters

Photo by java.jesse

Although I don’t drink coffee often, one of my goals is to visit more coffee shops apart from Starbucks. Salter Bros seem to have a good variety and unique flavors. I could see myself sipping on their oat milk raspberry chocolate latte while studying on their outside patio. It sounds like a great way to pass the time while being productive.

Now that some restrictions are in order while shops are opening up, if I wanted to I could go to some of these places while practicing social distancing. But for the meantime, I’ll be waiting for a better time to go to get the full experience. What are some of your favorite Arlington spots?

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Nayeli Lopez
Nayeli is a Senior at the University of Texas at Arlington studying Marketing and Management. She has a passion for the arts including photography and music and she likes learning and trying new things. One of her goals include starting her own small business one day. You can usually find her listening to Kpop or checking out a new restaurant around her Fort Worth hometown