Via Rideshare Program Will Continue in Arlington, Texas in 2019

The on-demand rideshare program, already successful in its pilot year with 85,000 rides since last December, will continue in 2019

Early this December, the Arlington City Council approved a one-year contract renewal with Via Transportation, Inc. Via has been the provider of Arlington’s Via Rideshare Program that has celebrated more than 85,000 rides this year.

The Via public transportation pilot program serves residents, students and visitors six days a week. And with the abundant success the program has had, Via will increase its fleet from 13 to 15 vans in 2019.

Via operates six-passenger Mercedes Metris vans that have become recognized around Arlington as part of the Via Rideshare Program. And with more vehicles in 2019 will come more jobs in order to keep passengers’ waiting times below 12 minutes.

The many reasons for the program’s success have been apparent, which is why the Arlington City Council approved the program extension.

Read more about the Via Rideshare Service on the City of Arlington website.

How does Via work?

Via uses an app on your smart phone to provide on-demand trips between 6 am and 9pm Monday-Friday and from 9 am to 9pm on Saturdays. Passengers enjoy access to destinations all around Arlington, including Downtown, UT Arlington, major hospitals, the Entertainment District, the Parks Mall, Arlington Highlands, and the CentrePort TRE Station. The rideshare has no fixed routes or fixed schedules, as with traditional public transportation options, allowing for a personalized experience to get around the city with true convenience.

Trips cost $3 per passenger per trip. You can even buy a ViaPass for $15 per week and ride up to four times daily all week long.

Arlington, TX was one of the first cities in the U.S. to offer an on-demand rideshare program. Public transportation solutions today require innovative solutions and better city planning, which is why the City Council felt empowered to launch this program. Affordability and mobility are vital to residents’ quality of life, and it was with great satisfaction that the Council was able to approve the program for another year after its successful pilot in Arlington.

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